All travelers will require a passport or state enhanced drivers license for all modes of transportation in and out of Canada and the U.S. (land-sea-rail-air). If you have any questions on border crossing please contact our office for details.


All of our trips depart from our airbase 17 miles north of Ear Falls, Ontario, at 6am, 9am and 11am. Many of our guests choose to drive to Ear Falls the evening prior to their departure. If you choose to arrive early, our office will be pleased to make over-night reservations for you at the Trillium Motel at 807-222-3126.


In case your family or office needs to contact you at any time during your stay with us, you can be reached, but only in the case of a dire emergency. In this situation, a plane will be dispatched to your camp and the message can be relayed to you within hours. Please call our Canadian Office at: 807-222-2332.