Best Methods: Casting, trolling.

Artificial Baits: Spinners, Spoons, Rapalla, Crank Baits, Jerk Baits, and Spinner Bait.

Natural Baits: Spinners, Spoons, Rapalla, Crank Baits, Jerk Baits, and Spinner Bait.

Slot Size: None between 27.5 inches and 35.4 inches in length, and only one over 35.4 inches.


Best Methods: Jigging, drifting, slow trolling, 6-10 pound test line.

Artificial Baits: Rapalla, baserio, piky minnows, brooksrefer, flatfish, mepps number 3, mister twister, jigs, spinner with live bait.

Natural Baits: Minnows (medium), leeches, nightcrawlers on prescott spinners, lindy rigs, pickerel rigs, little joe.

Slot Size: Only one over 18.1 inches in length.


Best Methods: Drift fishing, jigging, trolling and casting 8-15 pound test line.

Artificial Baits: Thin sutton spoons, thin doctor spoons, chrome little cleos, swedish pimples, little georges red eye hofschneiders strip on with minnows. Most popular for drift fishing; half oz. Heddon Sonars.

Natural Baits: Ciscos and sucker-meat, spoon hook.

Slot Size: During the month of September, only one over 22 inches in length.



Depending on which of our outpost camps you choose to visit, you may or may not have the option of using minnows. Some of our lakes have restrictions on the use of minnows, and it’s best to check with us beforehand if you would like to use them. Leeches and nite crawlers can be used at any one of our lakes.

You cannot import live baits into Canada, however, they are available in Ear Falls.


Daily limits for all our camps are:

  • Walleyes and Northern Pike: 4 per day, 4 in possession
  • Lake Trout: 2 per day, 2 in possession

While you may only possess the quantities listed at any given time, you are of course allowed to eat all the fish you desire during your stay. You’ve probably figured out what will be on the menu for lunch!